Products & Services Warranty Coverage

 Headlight Reflectors- We offer a 3 Day no hassle money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your reflectors, please fill out the form below and return to us within the first 72 hours of receiving them. Please be sure to add your order number and any information that is possible so we can better assist you.   Items must be in original packaging and must not have been tampered with, broken, or damaged prior to returning the item. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs that is associated with a warranty of a replacement reflectors.  Please allow 1 business day for us to get back to you. Any issues, damages, injuries, or malfunctions resulting from user-error or during use or installation will not be warrantied or covered by any means under DKMOULDS.

Shipping-All products are given a tracking number once the order has shipped. All orders are automatically insured through the carrier and included within the total shipping costs. If your package arrives in damaged or unsatisfactory condition, a claim will need to be processed through the shipping company. We take absolutely no responsibility of the package once it leaves our location; a package is only protected by the insured amount through the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for return postage unless the return is required due to our mistake, in which case we will send a pre-paid shipping label.

Projectors and LED Lighting

-All  HID and LED components provided by DKMOULDS are covered under a minimum 2 year worry free warranty.

Tier 1: Perfect condition. (Unopened & like-new) = 90% refund or 100% store credit.
Tier 2: Re-conditionable. (Packaging opened or damaged) = 80% refund or 90% store credit.
Tier 3: Inability to restock. (Product & packaging both damaged) = 70% refund or 80% store credit.

Condensation Warranty-  While we cannot guarantee that condensation will not occur, we take all the precautions possible to make sure it does not occur. The opening and resealing of any headlight done by us is not recommended and will void this condensation warranty. There is no condensation warranty on any headlight that has been previously opened prior to the our service. Many times we see headlights that have never been opened for any type of modifications, which have traces of condensation and/or debris. In some cases this can be a result of not using proper rear headlight caps or even a poor seal from the factory. If condensation occurs within 6 months of the original purchase date, we ask the customer to ship the lamps back to us so we can reseal them. Any related shipping costs will be charged to the customer. Every set of lights we open receive additional Morimoto RetroRubber butyl sealant to prevent condensation issues.

Painting Warranty-  Painting services are under warranty in the event of any chipping, fading, or other paint related issues for 1 year. Due to the sealant environment of a headlight, haze on the inner lenses can form over time; which is not covered under any warranty. If any portion of the housing is directly in front of the projector, it is possible that the paint becomes greasy or even bubbles up; which also is not covered under warranty.

Scorpion Coating Bed Liner- The Scorpion Truck Bed Liner sprayed onto your vehicle is warranted to be free of defects in materials for the life of your vehicle. No maintenance or service is required. Should Scorpion fail as a result of a materials defect, the manufacturer will replace the damaged materials at no charge. This warranty does not cover gouges, scratches, or punctures. Modification or alteration after application which increases susceptibility to damage, and damage caused by hazardous commercial or industrial use or service are excluded from this warranty coverage. Fading with age, normal discoloration and damage caused by industrial or motor vehicle accidents are also excluded from warranty coverage. This warranty coverage is not transferable. Please  contact us if you are experiencing any problems.


Armour-Seal Undercoating

Armour-Seal Undercoating will protect your vehicles undercarriage for up to 5 years!  After 3 years from the date of service, customers can get a free re-spray by setting up an appointment.  Any touch up before then will be an additional charge.  Warranty and service is non- transferable. Damage caused by vehicle accident, and off road use is not covered under any warranty.