About Us

About Us

Hi There,

My name is Danny Hebert, owner of DKMOULDS.  I enjoy long sunset walks on the beach, campfires and...Oh wait, wrong about us page :).

I am the Owner, CEO, Marketing Manager, Website Designer, IT, Manufacturer, Scorpion Bed Liner Installer, Hydro-graphic Decorator, Accountant, Customer Service, Apparel Designer, Father, and Lucky Guy to a Beautiful Lady.

DKMOULDS, LLC was founded in 2015 after I first practiced molding and replicating my personal trucks headlight reflectors.  With a dream of one day owning my own business, and the endless possibilities of what can be molded, I knew that I had found my niche.

Many time I use the word "we" when talking to customers, or posting an update on our Facebook Page.  While I'm sure it is more pleasing to hear, the word we when talking business.

I strive to learn more and grow until one day I reach my goal with this business.  Thank you for all the support thus far, it truly means a lot.